How Using Bulk SMS For Election Campaign In India Is Profitable

With the election time coming close, political parties start strategizing how to connect with the citizens. As they need to contact the voters to make their agenda reach these voters. A lot many political campaigns and that too in different ways are held during such times. In a country like India, it is not easy for political parties to run all these election campaigns. As they have to follow certain rules and norms. With the advancement in te...


Know Transactional SMS And Its Uses Before Using This Bulk SMS Service

The use of transactional SMS services in India is increasing day by day. As more businesses and organizations are getting aware of this bulk SMS service. From a multinational company to an E-commerce website to a banking organization. They all are making use of Transactional Bulk SMS in different scenarios. Like, contacting mobile phone customers, club members, office staff, gaming site players, and many other...


Learn How to Use Promotional SMS Service for Growth of business

Businesses are using lots many tools these days for the growth of their business. As they all want to grow fast and better than their competitors. They are spending a lot of money on marketing and promotion of their business. While some businesses are making use of modern marketing tools. The others are trying to bring a balance by using both modern and traditional marketing tools. We know that most modern marketing tools are said to be effect...


How Mobile Marketing can be Made Effective With Bulk SMS Service in India

Mobile marketing is to promote on or with mobile phones. It consists of many activities and small things even like SMS notifications, advertisement notifications, or maybe purchasing notifications. It is somewhat similar to online marketing as marketers also need a buyer to buy services and a supplier to sell the products. We can ensure people that they are getting proper emails, notifications, SMS, MMS or various other advice...