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Transactional BULK SMS

Transactional SMS is a kind of message sent by an enterprise or business to transmit critical or useful information to their audience. The message contains OTP, Alert messages, financial transaction or bank account details, appointment details, and information about the product or services used by the customer.


Transactional Bulk SMS

Webtech Solution is the most reliable Transactional Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. We offer a transactional Bulk SMS Service that caters for the need of most businesses for sending important messages related to their products and services. Our Transactional SMS Service is used to send messages on both DND and Non-DND numbers 24 by 7 using a safe and secure Transactional SMS gateway. We strictly follow the TRAI Guidelines and that is why we exclude any promotional information when using this service. With this message service, it is now possible to hold healthy communication with your customers by sending them useful info. Our experts are always ready to assist you with Transactional SMS Services and other information related to it..

By Transactional Bulk SMS You Can Target Your Audience

The bulk SMS service platform is designed to help small to large business owners who want to send alerts SMS, promotional, OTP, multimedia, and marketing. Our main aim is to make the SMS Industry simple, transparent, and less costly. by transactional SMS a businessman can target both types of audiences like DND and Non-DND. Our Promotional bulk SMS provides interfaces for you to craft your B2B and B2C communications. Our integrated APIs work across Email, SMS, Data, and other platforms we are the best bulk SMS service provider to help people to generate leads according to client need.

Usage of Transactional SMS Service Provider in India

Webtech Solution is one of the top-most transactional SMS Service Providers in India, offering transactional SMS service for multiple business sectors. We aim to offer seamless transactional SMS APIs, pre-defined templates, and on-time transactional SMS delivery to all our clients.

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Booking Confirmation Notifications

Different business sectors require transactional SMS service for sending booking confirmations to their customers regularly. For example railway ticket booking, flight booking, movie show booking, event booking, clinic appointment booking, gas cylinder booking, bus ticket booking, food order booking, and lots more.

Financial Alerts

Financial Transaction Alerts

Financial institutions require bulk transactional SMS services to send important financial alerts to customers. For example, amount deducted from a bank account, salary or money credited to a bank account, credit card transaction, online banking OTP, and more. These notifications not only help customers get an update about the transactions but also alert them about any fraud taking place.

Ecommerce Alerts

Ecommerce Notifications and Alerts

It is one of those sectors which require transactional SMS service every minute. As E-Commerce businesses require to s end important transactional SMS to their customers for different purposes. For example, order confirmation, order cancellation, return request processing, the amount refunded, e-receipt for purchase made, and lots more.

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Send Education SMS & Alerts

Transactional SMS is used for sending critical educational alerts and updates by schools, colleges, and educational institutions. Some of these educational transactional SMSs contain messages about attendance update, fee submission notification, student marks or performance report, links for downloading course material or syllabus and more.

Retail Store Update

Retail Store Notifications

Retail shops both online and offline require transactional SMS service to send important notifications to their customers. It can be a notification regarding the recent purchase they made or retail store online user registration notification or the availability of the stock the customers signed up for.

Mass Communication

Mass Communication Notifications

At times, governments or different businesses or organizations require to communicate important updates or alert their customers at the same time. For this mass communication, they make use of transactional SMS to reach people in bulk. For example, alerts about Earthquake or Flood in any particular area.

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Features of Transactional SMS Service

Being one of the best transactional SMS Service Providers in India, we offer premium transactional SMS services with multiple features. It allows businesses to utilize transactional SMS services that can maximize their profit and helps them deliver satisfactory services to their customers

customized SMS

Customise SMS as per use

Along with the pre-defined transactional SMS templates, we also offer customisable transactional SMS service, where businesses can customise the SMS templates according to their use. Organizations can customise transactional SMSs from the dashboard until they are not sent to the customer’s number.

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Integrate APIs free of cost

To make use of our Transactional SMS Service, businesses can integrate our robust APIs with ease in their existing system or software. The integration of our transactional SMS APIs will not take more time, as it is a seamless process. Businesses need not pay any extra cost for the APIs and they only need to pay for the transactional SMS plans they buy.

DND Allowance

Transmit messages in different languages

Webtech Solution offers transactional SMS services in different languages including the regional languages. It becomes easier for customers to understand the transactional messages sent in their regional language. Customers will no longer miss any important alert or critical update sent to them via transactional SMS Service and will respond to it on time.

Free API

Deliver messages on DND numbers

We offer a transactional SMS service that allows businesses and organizations to transmit transactional messages on Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers also. With the help of this feature, businesses can send important messages containing OTP SMS, financial transactions, and other such critical alerts on DND numbers as well.

Regional Language

Get a Delivery Report for every SMS

With our bulk transactional SMS system, it is now possible for businesses to keep a track of all the transactional messages that are successfully delivered to the user’s number. A delivery report for every single message is made available on the transactional SMS dashboard. The delivery report contains the delivery date and time of the transactional SMS.

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24 by 7 Transaction SMS Service

We offer 24 by 7 transaction SMS delivery service, as transactional SMSs are not time-bound. As these messages are stimulated when an action is taken by the customer or when the organizations need to send an important alert. So, our transactional SMSs can be sent at any hour of the day for delivering important information.


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