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Voice calls have a very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, eCommerce, politics, etc.

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Voice Call - By Own Number

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By voice call you can promote your own business by sending recorded audio directly to any audience.

A voice call is a recorded voice message that will play when the phone is answered. Voice SMS allows the users to send voice messages in the form of audio files. We are a digital marketing Service supplier giving Bulk Voice Call services in India and internationally at the lowest rates. We offer a web-based Bulk Voice Call Service application for marketing that incorporates you to send, form, track, and find the response from our Bulk Voice Call service in mp3 formats. Bulk Voice Call Service is a machine-driven method. So, no operators have required to method the call.

Voice Call Rules & Regulations:-

  • Campaign Time: 7:00 AM To 08:00 PM
  • Campaign Days: Monday to Sunday
  • Voice Call Clip: Less than 30seconds in any language & MP3 File
  • You can also Download Delivery Reports for all the campaign hosted through your account within 24 hours


SMS Gateway Hub Offers Marketing SMS Services, Can be Used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services Some of the Features are listed below

Increased Response:

90% of SMS are interpreted by clients, it has increased response rate than e-mail and different mobile marketing tactics.

Better customer experience

Bulk SMS can send its campaigns to users to notify them of exclusive offers, emergency info, updates, reminders for a better customer experience.

Increased Efficiency

A short code was used to encourage young people in the community to sign up for their nearest Street Soccer event. Increased efficiency.


This guide covers the basics on how to send bulk SMS appointment reminders to customers and leads using the Sakari bulk messaging service.


Promotional SMS is used for Sending offers, advertising SMSs, Business promotions to their customers.


Bulk SMS services help send notifications, alerts, reminders and other types of communication across wide geographical areas.

increase Your Bussiness

Many Bussiness owners using Voice Call find that the time saving benefits frees then up to focus on what really matter-the growth of their Bussiness

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Why take Own Number Bulk Voice Call Service from Webtech Solution?

Businesses require Own Number to make Bulk Voice Calls for offering customer service, marketing & promotion, and for several other business operations. Webtech Solution makes sure that they can provide the best Own Number service to their clients making it possible for them to carry out several functions. That is why even big MNCs are seeking help from Webtech Solution only when it comes to taking Bulk Voice Call Service using Own Number.

Easy Set-up and Installation

Webtech Solution offers a seamless set-up and installation for using Bulk Voice Call Service. With the help of our team, it is now possible to get the Own Number service installed within 24 hours only. Businesses need not wait for many days to start using the Bulk Voice Call Service.

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

We offer reliable Bulk Voice Call service along with 24 hours technical and customer support. Our team always ensures that they provide a quick resolution to all your queries, to maintain the guaranteed uptime. With 99.9% uptime, businesses are more likely to earn more profit by utilizing Bulk Voice Call service whenever required.

Extensive Features

Bulk Voice Call service is required for different purposes and that is why it requires a variety of features. With Webtech Solution, one can get multiple Bulk Voice Call features using Own Number under one roof. Businesses can make use of these add-on features by logging in to the Own Number Bulk Voice Call Portal.

Excellent Call Quality

Webtech Solution makes use of a reliable network and robust gateway which allows one to make Bulk Voice Calls without any glitches. We ensure that the call quality of the Bulk Voice Calls delivered to users’ phone numbers is excellent. All the Bulk Voice Calls get delivered in stipulated time and we also provide a delivery report of each call.

Customised Plans

At Webtech Solution, we understand that different businesses may have different Bulk Voice Call requirements at different budgets. To make sure that all businesses can take the advantage of Bulk Voice Call Service, we have both basic and customised Bulk Voice Call Plans. One can take assistance from our experts to get a customized Own Number Voice Call Plan.

Two-way connectivity

By offering Bulk Voice Call Service using Own Number, Webtech Solution provides businesses with two-way connectivity with their customers. It means businesses can not only send Bulk Voice Calls to customers’ phone numbers but can also receive calls or texts or feedback from customers on the same number.

Reasonable Pricing

To make it easier for businesses to conduct marketing campaigns and reach their customers without spending a huge amount, Webtech Solution is offering Bulk Voice Call services at an affordable price. One only needs to pay for the voice calls which were successfully delivered to the recipient’s number.

24 by 7 Customer Support

If you have any doubts about our Bulk Voice Call services or you are facing any problem in using Own Number for Bulk Voice Call, you can connect with our customer support 24 by 7. We also offer technical support if you are unable to access the Bulk Voice Call Portal or are facing other technical issues.


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