Know Transactional SMS And Its Uses Before Using This Bulk SMS Service

The use of transactional SMS services in India is increasing day by day. As more businesses and organizations are getting aware of this bulk SMS service. From a multinational company to an E-commerce website to a banking organization. They all are making use of Transactional Bulk SMS in different scenarios. Like, contacting mobile phone customers, club members, office staff, gaming site players, and many others. It is also helpful for welcoming customers, sending an OTP, and updating customers about any changes or updates.

In simple words, we can define transactional SMS as automated SMS sent on a customer’s number that carries valuable information. Though it does not contain any promotional or marketing-related information. According to the TRAI guidelines, Transactional SMS is a non-promotional SMS. We know that there are multiple alternatives available when talking about bulk Transactional SMS Service providers. But if you want the best transactional bulk SMS service, then there is no one better than Webtech Solution. By delivering high-quality service in real-time, they have gained the trust of thousands of clients all over India.

As the transactional SMS Service is being used by clients on regular basis and that too in bulk. So, we should know how it is helping these clients and what the different uses of Transactional SMS are. Below, we have defined some of the main uses of Transactional Bulk SMS, let’s check them out.

Order Status SMS

When customers buy any product or any service online, the company or business sends this transactional Bulk SMS. With the help of this transactional SMS provider, they inform the customer about the order they have placed. They keep updating customers about the status of the product. Like, the order is confirmed, the order is getting packed, the order reached courier center and more such details. It helps the customer know by when they will receive their product. If there is any delay in the delivery of the product, then also they receive an SMS. The courier or the delivery company also informs the customer about who is going to deliver the product. Once the order gets delivered, customers receive a message of successful delivery also as confirmation. If the customer returns the order or cancels the order, then also they receive SMS. This helps customers in tracking their orders with ease.


One of the best uses of Transactional SMS Service is to send One-Time Passwords to users or customers’ numbers. This is one of the critical uses of transactional SMS. It offers security to the customer during online transactions while making any purchase. Or while signing up on any website. This helps in verifying customers’ authenticity. Customers will receive an automated One-Time Password from the platform they are using for their verification. Usually, this type of transactional SMS is valid only for a few minutes or a couple of hours, keeping the customer’s security in mind. This kind of Bulk SMS service is for ensuring the security of customers’ data and privacy. It is used by banks, e-commerce websites, online stores, and multiple other sites where OTP is required.

Welcome SMS

This transactional SMS is sent in a form of a greeting to customers when they start using any service or buy any product of any business or organization. It is also sent when users register themselves on any website. Or when they sign-up for any program or membership. Welcome, SMSs contain a greeting text along with the information related to the customer’s or user’s id. At times, it also contains customers’ login information, to help customers login with ease. Welcome SMS is a way of acknowledgment given to customers by the organization. That they are happy with the customer for joining their organization. It also shows the customer that the organization or the business values them. Also, they are offering a healthy customer relationship by assisting them throughout.

Appointment SMS

Transactional Bulk SMS is also used for appointment confirmations. By sending a transactional SMS, customers are being informed about an appointment scheduled. This SMS is sent usually two times. First, when the customers register for an appointment. The business sends a message to confirm to customers that their appointment is being fixed. The message contains information about the date, timing, and venue related to the appointment. Businesses do this to make sure that the customer has all the necessary information related to the appointment. If the customer will not have all these details, it may result in the cancellation of the appointment leading to a loss to the business. Other than the confirmation message, one other form of transactional SMS is being sent in case of appointments. That is a reminder message for reminding customers about the appointment. Usually, this SMS is sent a day before or on the day of the appointment to remind customers. This kind of communication shows the customer that the organization values their time. This helps in building a healthy relationship between customers and businesses.

E-Receipt SMS

Whenever a customer buys anything, be it from online stores or shops, they get a transactional SMS about it. That helps customers get the mobile receipt of the item they have purchased. As many businesses and shops have started sending digital receipts instead of giving paper bills. The customers can access these e-receipts anytime and anywhere, as they receive them as SMS. Sending the customer’s purchase-related information using transactional SMS Service is a convenient approach. Earlier only online stores were following this but now most businesses are following this. It increases customers’ satisfaction and offers them transparency.

Payment and Billing SMS

Transactional SMS provider also offers this service for sending payment-related information. When you receive money in your bank account or when money gets deducted from it. In both cases, you will get a real-time SMS. If you make an online payment or buy something using your credit or debit card. Then also, you will get the payment-related SMS. This helps the customer in getting the details about the payment instantly. The customer will not have to log in to the mobile banking site for checking this. Other than this, transactional SMS is also used for sending billing-related information. Like, for receiving phone bills, electricity bills, credit card bills, and other such billing information. This makes it easier for the customer to know about the bills they have to pay. As company sends the billing SMS again and again until the customer pays the bill. The regular reminders for bill payments save customers from late fee charges by letting them make payments on time.

All these services offered by bulk Transactional SMS Service provider has made business communication quite easy and effective. It is not only improving customer satisfaction. But it also safeguards customers’ privacy by sending them critical information, helpful for them. This is one of the reasons why most business organizations are, using transactional SMS services. Now, as you are aware of the use of transactional SMS. So start using this service to help your business grow and reach your customers with ease.