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Voice call Services

By Voice call Services You Can Target DND & Non DND Audience


Voice Service

Voice Service can be used to send message to the numbers of customer passing the necessary information's for using the products or services. According to the TRAI Guidelines, this has been restricted that no promotional kinds of messages can be sent through this route. Some other majors important rules and policies are also given by the TRAI guidelines following the Transactional Bulk SMS Service. To know more you can visit our head office or call our experts, they will assist you with all the necessary information's and the details that need to know.

Voice Service SMS You Can Target Your Audience

The bulk SMS service platform is designed to help small to large business owners who want to send alerts SMS, promotional, OTP, multimedia, and marketing. Our main aim is to make the SMS Industry simple, transparent, and less costly. by transactional SMS a businessman can target both types of audiences like DND and Non-DND. Our Promotional bulk SMS provides interfaces for you to craft your B2B and B2C communications. Our integrated APIs work across Email, SMS, Data, and other platforms we are the best bulk SMS service provider to help people to generate leads according to client need.


To convey your message to your customers or potential users, there is no better solution than the Voice Call. When you take Bulk Voice Call Service from Webtech Solution, you get multiple features that make this service more beneficial for your business.

Bulk voice calls
Make Bulk Voice Calls

Webtech Solution offers a Bulk Voice service that enables businesses to make hassle-free bulk voice calls at the same time on multiple numbers across different cities. Our multi-channel dialling panel makes it possible to carry out multiple voice campaigns at the same time with ease. Take our Bulk Voice Call Service and make multiple calls within a few seconds.

Multi key inputs voice call
Caller ID for Voice Calls

Get a business caller ID to make bulk voice calls on multiple numbers or to carry our voice campaigns with ease. Webtech Solution allows multiple voice campaigns at the same time using the same caller ID for broadcasting important messages to customers. Using the same caller ID will help in building a brand image among the audience.

Future scheduling
Call Scheduling

With the help of our call scheduling feature, it is now possible for businesses to schedule bulk voice calls for future dates from the Bulk Voice Call Panel. It helps in scheduling multiple voice campaigns in advance so that there should be no last-minute delay. Businesses can specify a particular date and time for scheduling calls for up to one year.

voice call services
OTP on Call
Multiple Regional Languages

Now carry out voice campaigns or broadcast voice messages to your audience in their regional language. We have a Bulk Voice Call platform that comes with multiple language features including the regional languages. Customers will feel more connected to your business when you will deliver messages in their native language.

Bulk voice call IVR
Comprehensive Voice Call Report

Track all the voice calls and the voice campaigns with the help of the Bulk Voice Call Panel. It allows businesses to evaluate the success of voice campaigns and to plan future voice campaigns in a better way. Businesses can also record the response and feedback of the customers they got over the voice calls to improve their services.

Order confirmation voice call
Text to Speech Conversion

Our Bulk Voice Panel comes with a fully integrated system that allows one to convert text messages into speech for broadcasting voice messages. Get all the voice messages recorded and delivered in a professional voice with no extra cost. One can also modify these pre-recorded voice messages any time before the delivery of these automated voice calls.

Setting up your IVR for the Call Center was Never this Easy!

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Additional Features Of Voice Call Service Platform

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Voice Call/SMS Service Provider in India for your business. Send recorded bulk voice calls/SMS to your targeted audience in India.

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

Our Voice Call/SMS Panel comes with detailed report features from where you can download the live reports.

Upload Audio

Upload Audio

You can upload Audio in your own voice from your Panel itself or else you can ask for Professional Voice as well.

Multiple Key Inputs

Multiple Key Inputs

This is a very unique feature from where you can enter multiple keys inputs for sales, support, service, etc.

Cloud Server

Cloud Server

We have our panel hosted on a Cloud server, so you don't worry about your data security and it has 99.9% uptime

Instantly Delivery

Instantly Delivery

All the voice calls/SMS will be delivered within a few seconds and you can track them live.

Schedule Your Voice

Schedule Your Voice

You can easily schedule your voice calls for future dates and times and they will be delivered automatically at a specific date and time.

Voice OTP On Call

Voice OTP On Call

You can send Voice OTP for 2 Factor authentication to your customers/clients which will give you the assurance of accuracy.

Customer Support

Customer Support

If once you will be associated with us we have dedicated customer support teams for you.

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