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Make use of toll free number service to build a brand image for your business. Webtech Solution is one of the best toll free number providers in India offering exclusive services at cost-friendly prices.


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A toll free number is used by businesses or organizations to help their customers reach them with ease at no cost. Customers or clients can dial this number from anywhere in India free of cost. To increase customer interaction and achieve customer satisfaction, every business should make use of Toll Free Number Service.

Webtech Solution offers toll free number services that include the number starting with 1800, 1860, and other such easy to remember series. With the help of this exclusive cloud telephony solution, we ensure that businesses can drive more call volume with the help of multiple extensions of the same toll free number. To help businesses get complete information about every incoming and outgoing call, we provide a toll-free number portal. For customers also, a self-care IVR portal is made available to access small details or to reach customer service agents for query resolution. Webtech Solution also ensures that businesses are accessible by customers 24 by 7, once they take toll free number service. All these services are made available in exclusive and affordable Toll Free Number Service plans designed by our team for different business needs.

Businesses do have to pay for both incoming and outgoing calls but they get a high return on investment. A toll free number helps in increasing sales by letting more potential customers/clients reach you with ease. By utilizing it in marketing and promotional campaigns, businesses can save huge costs and can build a unique business identity. One of the major purposes served by our toll free number services in India is getting customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Toll Free Service Features

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Utilize our Toll Free Number Services for pulling marketing campaigns, maximizing customer interaction, and increasing customer retention with the help of its exclusive features.

Get Instant Calling Access
Get Instant Calling Access

Webtech Solution setups all the toll free number services in less time; making it possible for customers and clients to utilize the calling services instantly. Businesses can get access to calls at any location, wherever the toll free number extensions are installed. It helps businesses to make use of the same number even after the expansion of business in different cities.

Automatic Call Routing
Automatic Call Routing

The automatic call routing makes it possible to route customers’ calls to the desk of agents who are free to take calls. It results in less queue/wait time and increases the agent’s productivity and efficiency in handling calls. It also increases customer satisfaction by answering all the calls promptly.

Integrate CRM and IVR
Integrate CRM and IVR

With the guidance of our technical team, incorporate simple to advanced IVR functions in your toll free number system within a few hours. Get your CRM dashboard and our easy to use APIs added smoothly to the system for a better customer approach and high-quality assistance.

Unlimited extensions
Unlimited extensions

Webtech Solution offers unlimited extensions for the same number for receiving or making calls at the same time. These extensions are independent of locations and can be installed at different work locations for offering seamless customer service and the best toll free number calling experience.

Flexible and affordable Subscriptions
Flexible and affordable Subscriptions

Webtech Solution offers a variety of toll free number plans for different business segments. We provide flexible and customisable plans also that can match our client’s requirements. All these exclusive toll free number subscriptions are available at budget-friendly pricing.

Get Systematic Call Reports
Get Systematic Call Reports

With the help of our analytical and live reporting system, businesses can get every call report on the dashboard. It will help in monitoring all the inbound and outbound calls for training purposes and future use. The detailed reports also help in getting deep insights about every call when required for future assistance or sales.

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