How transactional SMS is beneficial for ECommerce businesses

We all know that from small business enterprises to multinational companies, they all are using Transactional SMS services. Even though, Transactional Bulk SMS is not meant for marketing purposes. But it is helping businesses to increase customer satisfaction by offering better customer support. This not only helps in building a healthy relationship with customers. But it also helps in getting new customers and increasing sales and profit. When talking about the E-Commerce business, we know that their complete business is dependent on customers. They need to keep their customers engaged with them to let the business flow constantly.

When dealing with customers in an E-Commerce business, a lot of communication is required. That is when Transactional Bulk SMS Service comes into the picture. If you are already running an E-Commerce business or you are planning to start one. Then you must be aware of how transactional SMS Service is beneficial for your e-commerce business. So, below we are sharing some of the benefits of Transactional Bulk SMS for e-commerce businesses.


Sharing account registration or verification-related details 

The transactional SMS provider also offers this feature to E-Commerce businesses. This makes it easy for e-commerce businesses to send account registration details to customers. The transactional SMS might include the user id of the customer along with the password. Or it may also include the OTP or link for registration or verification. This helps the customer in registering on the e-commerce site with ease for any kind of purchase. Also, it helps in authenticating the customer’s identity in order to secure his/her personal information.


Sending confirmation for orders placed by customers 

Order confirmation SMS helps the customer in knowing about the order that they have placed. Whether the order is placed successfully or it is being denied, the customers will get to know about it. It also helps customers get ensure about what they have placed. So, that they can confirm whether they have placed the correct order or not. When customers place any order on E-Commerce sites, they keep signing in to the site to know if the order is being processed or not. But Bulk Transactional SMS service provider offers this feature to send the SMS regarding successful processing of the product. This saves customer’s time which helps in improving customer satisfaction.


Sending Alerts for products

With the help of a transactional SMS Service, it is easy to inform customers about the products when it is available. According to the survey also, most customers prefer to check SMS more in comparison to emails. So, E-Commerce websites can help customers subscribe for alerts when the product they were looking for is back in stock. This not only triggers an urgency to buy the product in the customer’s mind. But it will also help them know how responsible your business is. This will promote sales as well as a good repo in the mind of the customer.


Notify customers about shipping and delivery of the products

 To help customers know about the shipment of the product and its delivery, e-commerce businesses can use transactional Bulk SMS. This will help in updating customers in real-time. They will get to know by when they will get the product and where it has reached. If they have placed the order for someone else, they will also get to know about the delivery of the product. This not only develops a healthy relationship between the customer and the e-commerce site. But it also develops trust in the mind of customers.


Now, you are well aware of how transactional SMS service is helping e-commerce businesses grow. With all these benefits, every e-commerce business must use this bulk SMS Service. If you are in search of a Bulk Transactional SMS Service Provider, then connect with us.